About us

LWP delivers old-fashioned quality with state of the art technologies. Each publication project is custom-built to achieve maximum distribution in each targeted market. We publish in hardcopy, download print version, and other download media. We distribute both through third party channels and through our own network. We believe strongly that the product experience should be optimized by accompanying merchandising, events, and other forms of exploitation. To us, a book is not just a book, a documentary film is not just a film, a musical work can be far more than a song download.

We therefore work with artists to develop and exploit commercially their work in several spheres. This is always exciting and sometimes revolutionary. Our company was established to marry an obsession with quality to new ways of bringing artistic work to commercial success.

LPW brings a fresh and rebellious approach to the commercial development and exploitation of artistic works. Before we invest we need to believe in both the work and the author or artist who created it. Our belief is usually based on a financial model that shows a strong probability of profit. Ours is not a high volume approach, but one of partnering authors and artists creating unique and identifiable work, with whom we can build strategically over time.